Before the Conversation

Talking about abortion can be intimidating. We can help you make dialogue meaningful and constructive from start to finish. With our conversation navigator, we believe anyone, anywhere can talk rightly about abortion.


The quickest way to ruin a conversation is to make it all about you. Ask God for guidance, wisdom, and humility. Pray that He would prepare those with whom you’ll speak.


There can be many reasons individuals or groups who oppose abortion are not actively rescuing babies and helping their parents. Sometimes one conversation can be enough to motivate them to do something. But, that should not be your measure of success. Your big picture goal should instead be faithfulness as an ambassador of truth and a defender of babies. And, on the micro level, if you find resistance, like apologist Greg Koukl says, focus on putting a “stone in the shoe” of the person disinterested in saving preborn lives.


Conversation is a dying art. Remember that your goal is a genuine exchange of ideas—not a monologue or sermon. Real dialogue is more effective. And it’s easier, too.