Before the Conversation

Talking about abortion can be intimidating—especially when it’s not theoretical and you know a baby’s life hangs in the balance. Still, we can help you make dialogue meaningful and constructive from start to finish. With our conversation navigator, we believe anyone, anywhere can talk rightly about abortion.


The quickest way to ruin a conversation is to make it all about you. God may use you to save this baby, but that doesn’t make you the Savior. Ask God for guidance, wisdom, and humility. Pray for the baby’s parents, that they would feel loved and be willing to share with you the reasons leading them to consider abortion.


There are many reasons why people consider abortion. Sometimes conversation can quickly lead them to see these reasons do not justify killing, but it’s often not that easy. If you measure success by whether you save every baby, you will quickly burn out. Instead, focus on being faithful to the opportunities placed before you and offering tangible support to neutralize as many reasons as possible for why parents consider abortion.


Conversation is a dying art. Remember that your goal is a genuine back-and-forth instead of a monologue or sermon. Real dialogue is more effective. And it’s easier, too.