Before the Conversation

Talking about abortion can be hard—especially when it’s your baby’s life on the line. Our conversation navigator will help you protect your child.


No matter what you feel, you are not alone. Not only are we here to help, but, most importantly, God can lead you. Trust in Him and ask that He would give you guidance, wisdom, and humility. Pray that He would save your baby. And pray for the baby’s mother.


You may not have legal options to stop the abortion, but you are not powerless. You can still reach your baby’s mother in ways others cannot. But focus on one step at a time. Some women, once they feel supported, are quick to change their minds.


Conversation can be hard when emotions run high. Falling into monologues or sermons can make it even more challenging. Focus on a genuine back-and-forth dialogue. This is much more effective.