This is Not the End

We do not know what led to the abortion of your child, but we do know you are not alone and that this is not the end of your story. 

Many parents feel grief after abortion. This makes sense when we understand that abortion kills a child. But there is also good news. You can be set free from burdens you carry. If you participated in the abortion, you can be forgiven by God, whose moral law was violated. If the abortion was beyond your control, you, too, can find healing.

Our team has counseled many people through this, and we’d love to talk with you, too. Please contact us. There is nothing you have experienced for which God’s grace is not greater. The work of Jesus Christ can set you free.

Free Help After Abortion

Below are other services you might find helpful.

  • Deeper Still offers retreats for women and men who have experienced or participated in an abortion.
  • Abortion Recovery (866-469-7326) provides recovery resources for the entire family, with specific sections for mothers, fathers, siblings, and even grandparents.
  • Rachel’s Vineyard (877-467-3463) provides resources, books, and retreats to help heal the pain of post-abortion trauma.
  • The Rachel’s Vineyard Men’s Page (877-467-3463) provides resources pointing fathers toward healing.