Before the Conversation

Talking about abortion can be intimidating—especially when it is already part of someone’s story. Still, we can help you make dialogue meaningful and constructive from start to finish. With our conversation navigator, we believe anyone, anywhere can talk rightly about abortion.


The quickest way to ruin a conversation is to make it all about you. God may use you to bring healing for the past, but that doesn’t make you the Healer. Ask God for guidance, wisdom, and humility. Pray for all affected by the abortion and, in particular, those with whom you’ll speak.


When a baby has been killed by abortion, there are physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences for everyone involved. Sometimes people are quick to acknowledge that the abortion was wrong and discuss how it has affected them. Others bury the pain. Do not measure your success by whether you resolve all their concerns. Instead, make your goal faithfully communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the relevance to their past, present, and future.


Conversation is a dying art. Remember that your goal is a genuine back-and-forth instead of a monologue or sermon. Real dialogue is more effective. And it’s easier, too.